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BrandQuad Africa is an integrated strategic brand training consultancy. Through our trademarked brand based programs, we offer modularised open and closed courses. The role of BrandQuad Africa is to enable organizations succinctly understand brand as well as its critical role in organizations.

Through our training modules, we aim to instill a deeper understanding of well blended brand processes that enhance the establishment of brand based organizational values and behaviors. This will increasingly influence fast paced development of a modern, competitive business sector based on a culture of sound brand practices, initiatives, strategic brand innovation and creativity

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Brand Innovation & Managment

This module is designed to enable you professionally manage your brand and stregthen your position in a competitive marketing environmnet

Module Objective

  • Enable participants strategically position their brands in a competitive environment
  • Enable participants understand brand as a strategic business tool: that brand is the business of business
  • Enable participants understand how brands can be used to unleash African's untapped economic potential
  • Enable participants understand how to manage a brand portfolio
  • Equip participants with the competence to know when and how to strategically “retire brands”

Relationship Marketing

This is designed to enable you understand the real value of your customers, how they can become a strategic partner for your brand in order to drive and effectiveretention strategy and lead to great customer satisfaction

Module Objective

  • Enable participants to understand relationship marketing
  • Enable participants to know the different methods of attracting and keeping customers
  • Enable participants to understand how relationship marketing contributes to a business's competitiveness and survival

Driving the Employer Brand

This module is designed to enable you develop and maintain a positive brand driven culture through employee engadgment and alignment to the overall brand vision

Module Objectives

  • Enable participants attach value in the development and maintenance of brand driven business behaviour
  • Enable participants understand the power of influence and their role in inculcating a brand driven business culture within their team
  • Enable participants understand the importance of employee engagement and the subsequent link to customer acquisition and retention
  • Enable participants understand th co-relation between organisational culture and strategic business result

Personal Branding

This module is designed to enable you to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd by identifying your unique value proposition, then leveraging it across platforms with a consistent message and image to acheive a specific goal

Module Objective

  • Enable participants gain an in-depth understanding of, new insights into personal branding and value to the individual's career advancement
  • Equip participants with the competence to know how to package themseleves amd their careers as brands that are recognizable and respected
  • Enable participants to understand how personal branding can enable individuals work together to achieve organizational goals
  • Equip participants with the knowledge of how companies can maximize their corporate brand investment via individual personal branding

Brand & Crisis Communication

This Program is designed to enable organisations drive vibrant engadgment with their stakeholders through strategic communication in order to nurture a company brand equity. It also teaches on the fundamentals of crisis communications managment

Module Objective

  • Gain a clear understanding of brand and its critical role in the success of the organisation
  • Formulation of a comprehensive communcation strategy, including the key elements of crisis communications strategy that will engage both external and internal stakeholders
  • Enable participants understand xrisis communication managment
  • Enable participants gain an in depth understanding of public relations
  • Discuss global trends and best practice cases of crisis communication managment in the advent of the information age with emphasis on the role of social media as a communication platform

Brand Media Relations

This program elaborates how your brand interacts with the media and how to gain confidence and take full command of your next mendia encounter.

Module Objectives

  • Enable participants understand what makes the media tick
  • Enable participants to understand how to make the media your brand building partner
  • Enable participants learn how to prepare and participare in interviews
  • Enable participants to understand the critical role of ethics and results based media managment
  • Provide practical role play sessions

Sponsership Marketing

Perhaps one of the most exciting modules, this is designed to enable you understand why corporate organisations are increasingly engaging in and capilising on sponsorship marketing as a brand buolding strategy for their organisations whilst driving great corporate returns

Module Objective

  • Enable participants gain an understanding of succesful brand usage, both at the local and international level and how to effectively build brands through sponsorship marketing
  • Provide a guiding rationale for selection of sponsorship investments opportunities for organisation. Which vehicle(s) is best suited to meet your brand objectives
  • Build awarness of your brand around sports events in order to icrease participation in the sport and also build a connection to your brand loyalty and brand recognition
  • Identify measurement ond tracking metrics of selected sports investment portfolios, to provide an acceptable ROI measure for your organisation

Digital Branding

With more people increasingly spending time on social media, this module is designed to elaborate on strategic ways social media can be leveraged to derive value from its investment. Additionally, it expounds on the process of finding, packing, distributing and amplifying relevant brand stories on the digital space

Module Objective

  • How do I improve the way my brand can better engage online consumers?
  • My brand has a unique story to tell, but where do I start?
  • What is the role of social media in shaping future interaction between consumers and brands
  • How do I track, monitor and measure the success of social media?
  • How do I engage consumers on my brand's owned digital platforms?
  • How do I fully leverage my digital real estate beyond social media?
  • How do I add content publishing to my company's services?

Brand Audit & Tracking

This module is designed to enable you understand the process and value of measuring your brand performance and grasp tangible return on investment. Make your investment count

Module Objectives

  • Enable participants professionally manage their brand's strenght in a competitive marketing environment
  • Enable participants to understand what brand equity means for thet business
  • Enable participants learn how to conduct a brand audit
  • Enable participants learn how to interpret brand tracking metrics
  • Enable participants learn to implement practical formulae in brand measurement

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