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Research & Insights Gathering | Brand Strategy | Internal Brand Engagement | Brand Identity Development and Management

We develop brand and communication strategies through a unique set of principles and tools that position brands where they are at their best to fully exploit the potential that surrounds them. This is to enable them to uniquely engage with their diverse audiences.
We’ve spent years defining and refining methods that get us to the heart and soul of our clients audiences; methods that enable us to understand their perceptions, motivations and needs.
Our goal is to creatively distill the essence of what is most important, unique and compelling to you and your audiences so that you can achieve your overall corporate objectives.
By eliminating all the clutter, we allow your true, simple and meaningful brand experience to innovatively emerge.
We create a connection that puts you in the heart of your consumer.

Avid PR
Corporate Communication | Stakeholder Relationship Management | Media Relations & Coaching | Crisis Communication Management Financial Communication | Sports Communication | CSR Communication

AVID PR is a communications consultancy that brings together a skill set of professionals and communication specialists to address the regions’ most pertinent communication challenges as currently experienced by varied Corporate, Not for Profit Organisations, Government Bodies and Public Sector Organisations.
Avid PR aims to transcend a cluttered communication space by developing strategically thought out and differentiated messaging, carried through channels that create effective communication for our varied range of clients. We offer our clients a range of specialist capabilities – by issue, transaction, sector or audience – designed to deliver the most desired communication. Our vast connections ensure the right brand message is effectively crafted and delivered.

Creative Development | Advertising | Digital Marketing | Media | Production

Whiteboard does not start with an ad, nor do we start with media, we start from ‘A Different Place’ . A Place where today’s discerning, well informed and knowledgable consumers want you to be.
At Whiteboard we bring to you a unique understanding of the consumer enabled by the digital age.
With this we are able to leverage our creative power to craft communication that connects you to this new, empowered consumer. A consumer who requires a differentiated approach to the communication needs. A consumer who requires an agency that sees beyond picture and colours.
At Whiteboard, we combine high level strategic thinking, world-class implementation flavoured with a magical African touch.

Brand Quad
BrandQuadTM Programs (Open and Closed Courses)

BrandQuad Africa is an integrated strategic brand training consultancy. Through our trademarked brand based programs, we offer modularised open and closed courses. The role of BrandQuad Africa is to enable organizations succinctly understand brand as well as its critical role in organizations.
Through our training modules, we aim to instill a deeper understanding of well blended brand processes that enhance the establishment of brand based organizational values and behaviors. This will increasingly influence fast paced development of a modern, competitive business sector based on a culture of sound brand practices, initiatives, strategic brand innovation and creativity.